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Feel more comfortable in your own clothes with precision alterations only here at Admiral Cleaners!

Like many, you may have bought a dress before that wasn’t exactly your size, but you chose to settle for it anyway. Or perhaps, you found your size but wish the fit could be better, like tighter sleeves or shorter pants length.

This is the sad truth about readymade clothes – they are designed to fit everyone, and yet rarely fit anyone properly. That’s why clothing alteration services are an essential part of getting that perfect fit and making people feel more comfortable in their own clothes no matter the occasion. 

Looking for alteration specialists to give your beloved wardrobe a custom fit? There is no better team to do the job than Admiral Cleaners! We specialize in altering and repairing garments.

Anything from shortening your jacket sleeves to cutting long hemming pants, we’ve got experts to quickly work on all your requests. Give us a call today at (410) 267-8381!

Why You Should Hire Professionals For Your Alterations & Repairs Needs

1. If you bought clothes online.

How disappointing it would be to order and pay for a wonderful piece of clothing only to receive it and find that it does not fit. You can still return it, but it comes with a cost and inconvenience on your part. So better have it altered instead by a professional and it will perfectly fit you.

2. If you want to keep wearing your favorite pieces. 

We all have our favorite pants, blouses, denim, and dresses that we love wearing everywhere. But over time, our bodies change shape and what fitted us a few years ago may not fit well now. Thanks to the great service of alteration experts, you can still wear them comfortably for a long time.

3. If you’re looking for sustainable fashion.

Million tons of clothing are sent to landfills every year, a number which could have been reduced through recycling and repurposing. Our alteration experts at Admiral Cleaners can make even the cheapest clothes look classy and expensive, and make outdated designs more stylish. It means you won’t have to always purchase new ones since you already have everything you need right in your closet.

Why We’re The Most Trusted Provider of Alterations Services

The secret to clothes that fit so well is an alteration expert. But today, you’ll rarely find people with this skill set as younger generations are less inclined to learn them. But this is not the case for us here at Admiral Cleaners.

In fact, we’ve got the best team to do suit alterations, wedding dress alterations, and stylish refitting of rarely used wardrobes, and we can customize any clothes you want to flatter and fit your unique shape. 

Here’s what sets us apart from other companies:

  • We have excellent client service and our satisfied clients can attest to how accommodating we are to all their requests. 
  • We don’t delay. We can get alterations completed just in time when you need your clothes. 
  • We provide FREE pickup and delivery across Anne Arundel County and Mid-Shore for greater convenience among busy households and working professionals. 

Looking for the Most Skilled Alteration Team?

Embrace your own style with precision alterations at Admiral Cleaners! We’ll customize your wardrobe exactly to your frame, so you’ll feel more comfortable walking out any time of the day. 

For more information on our alteration and repair services, call us at  (410) 267-8381, or you can email us at Visit our website to know the complete locations we service.


Admiral is the absolute best. I’ve been using them for years. So convenient, exceptional work, great customer service and super fair pricing. Highly recommend!!!


Bobby J.


“We have been customers of Admiral Cleaners for many years, using the store and the home service. The home service pick up and delivery is excellent! We couldn’t be more pleased with the amazing service we receive twice a week. It is so convenient and easy and our driver is so great!”

Suzy W.


“The entire Admiral team has been a pleasure to do business with. The time savings from this has helped immeasurably.”

Chris G.

Some of our most popular alterations services:

Zipper Replacement

If your zipper stops working, our team can replace them and get them working better than new.

Lengthen/Shorten Hems

If your pants don’t fit just right, our expert alterations team can make them a little bit shorter or longer at the hem.

Hem Dresses & Skirts

Just like your pants, we can adjust the length of your gowns, dresses, and skirts.

Taking Sides In or Out

We can adjust the width of your dresses and skirts by taking in or out the sides of your garment.


We can repair jacket linings if they become ripped, worn, or torn.


Our expert alterations specialists can shorten or lengthen the cuffs of your shirts and coats to make sure you have that perfect fit.

Re-sew Button/Clasp

You don’t have to throw those clothes away when the buttons or clasps break.  Bring us your broken buttons and clasps for us to repair or replace.

Waist Splitting

Let us split the waste of your pants to allow them extra movement and extra space without pressure on your waist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alterations

How long does the alterations process take?

Our alterations process can take from 1-2 weeks, depending on the complication of the project.

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