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How professional dry cleaning benefits your clothes

Deep cleans even the most stubborn stains

You can count on dry cleaning to remove oil-based stains, grease, and dirt. Dry cleaning uses a specific cleaning fluid that penetrates deep into the fibers to dissolve and eliminate stains at their core, making it superior to traditional wet cleaning methods. 

Prevents shrinkage and discoloration

Most dry clean only garments need special care because the fabric shrinks and discolors when heated. Even worse, the garment may be made of different fabrics that shrink at different rates when heated. Also, the cleaning fluid used in dry cleaning can prevent color bleed.

Preserves the soft texture and bright colors of your garments

Unlike traditional laundry services that subject your garments to rough washing and spinning, the dry cleaning process is less abrasive on delicate fibers of your clothing. This helps your garments retain their softness, so they feel as exquisite against your skin as they did when you first bought them.

What Makes Our Dry Cleaning Service The Best?

When you spend your hard-earned money on a dry cleaner, it is only fair that you receive the best service possible. With Admiral Cleaners, you’re guaranteed to receive consistent quality service from our professional dry cleaners. We also clean household, leather goods, area rugs, bedding and comforters, and more!

Superior cleaning and pressing quality

We treat every piece of clothing with care and use the latest innovations in cleaning to extend the life of your garments and protect your investment in your wardrobe by:

  • Preserving your colors and keeping your whites whiter by cleaning with high-end detergents
  • Giving your garments a crisp look by hand-ironing items needed touch-ups Providing added convenience by checking all buttons and replacing them at no charge
  • Protecting against shoulder wrinkles by using premium shirt hangers
  • Preventing holes in your garments by using hangers with clips instead of safety pins
  • Ensuring superior quality by inspecting each garment 

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“We have been customers of Admiral Cleaners for many years, using the store and the home service. The home service pick up and delivery is excellent! We couldn’t be more pleased with the amazing service we receive twice a week. It is so convenient and easy and our driver is so great!”

Suzy W.


“The entire Admiral team has been a pleasure to do business with. The time savings from this has helped immeasurably.”

Chris G.


Admiral is the absolute best. I’ve been using them for years. So convenient, exceptional work, great customer service and super fair pricing. Highly recommend!!!

Bobby J.

Frequently Asked Dry Cleaning

What should I do when I have a stain?

The garment should be taken to your dry cleaner as soon as possible. Stains that are left too long can become permanently set. Removing a stain can be somewhat complicated since there are many different fabrics and types of stains. Admiral has trained “stain removers” with years of experience who use specialized stain removal agents. If you know what caused the stain (i.e. soda, white wine, etc.) please be sure to inform your dry cleaner. These often “invisible” stains contain sugar, which can caramelize and turn brown in the heat of drying. They need to be flushed out before dry cleaning.

Is it safe to have draperies, bedspreads, and slipcovers cleaned?

Draperies, bedspreads, and slipcovers may suffer some damage when they are cleaned. This can be due to sun-fading, long-term soiling, age, and components which are simply not able to withstand normal cleaning procedures and shrink. Many times fabrics do not appear damaged until after they have been through the cleaning process. Due to the above, many cleaners, including Admiral, require that a release is signed before these types of items are cleaned.

My shirt came back with a cracked button. Can this be prevented?

Buttons sometimes weaken after repeated pressings. Admiral makes every effort to check each shirt for cracked buttons before it is assembled, but often a weakened button does not crack until you try to fasten your garment. If your shirt should come back with a cracked button, please return it to the store location or to your route driver. Admiral’s policy is to replace any missing or damaged button free-of-charge.

What do I do if I have a problem with my dry cleaner?

When damage occurs during the cleaning process, recourse depends on where the responsibility lies. If the problem is due to a manufacturer’s defect (including poor dye selection or failure to pre-shrink the fabric) you should take the garment back to the retailer for an adjustment or a refund. If the problem stems from a condition such as a particularly stubborn stain or the age or condition of the garment, the customer usually has no recourse. If we made a mistake in processing, then it is Admiral’s responsibility and we may make an adjustment based on the life expectancy, age, condition, and replacement cost of the garment.

What is the Admiral Express Bag service?

Admiral provides the customer with 2 free Express Bags. Each bag has a tag showing the customer’s name and cleaning preferences (i.e. starched shirts, etc.). Customers just drop off the Express Bag at the front counter and leave. Bags are returned to the customers with their cleaning.

Who do I call if I would like more information?

Drycleaning & Institute (DLI) has consumer information including an explanation of the dry cleaning process, the benefits of professional cleaning, and fabric care tips and hints. The DLI website is at dlionline.org.

Why do colors sometimes fade or run?

There are several reasons. Sometimes toiletries, such as perfumes, antiperspirants, and lotions can affect dyes. Therefore, they should be allowed to dry fully before you put on a garment. Some colors change in cleaning due to the manufacturer’s poor dye selection. It is always advisable to have matching pieces cleaned together so that any color loss will be uniform. Color running or fading problems occur more frequently with some manufacturers than others, even when care label instructions are followed meticulously. If there is ever a question as to whether it is the manufacturer or your cleaner who is at fault for color loss or color running, the garment may be sent to an independent laboratory operated by the International Fabricare Institute.

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