Learn More About Free Pickup & Delivery

  • After you sign up, we’ll assign you your pick-up and delivery days. Twice-a-week service is Mon/Thurs or Tues/Fri.
  • We will provide you with a “starter kit” including laundry bags with ID tags.
  • You do NOT have to be home. We will coordinate with you as to where we can pick up and deliver your clothes.
  • All route orders are processed at our state-of-the-art plants.
  • Charges are conveniently billed to your credit card upon delivery. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover.
  • Remember, pickup & delivery are 100% FREE. You pay the same in-store rates as everybody else.
  • For specific delivery areas or other questions, call (800) 864-4429 or (410) 267-8381.

Contact us to learn more: