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Do Life Not Laundry – Spend your time doing what you enjoy while Admiral takes care of your wash & fold laundry.

Is your laundry room floor littered with piles of dirty clothes that never seem to go away? Doing laundry might never become your favorite chore but it doesn’t have to be something you hate either. 

If you often get held up at school, work, or even by your social and family obligations that you can’t make time to do your own laundry, feel free to drop it off at Admiral Cleaners. Our wash and fold laundry service is the answer to all your laundry needs and we give you a guarantee that all your precious clothes are in capable hands with our seasoned cleaners. 

As an added convenience, we even do laundry pick-up and delivery. You just have to complete our quick online signup and you’re set to use our free pick-up and delivery services. 

Why Many Customers Love Our Laundry Services

Do you always run out of clean clothes simply because you can’t make time to wash them? Or is it perhaps you intentionally avoid washing them out of fear that your washing machine might ruin their fabric? Whichever reason you have, it always has the same effect on you: it’s stressful and inconvenient.

With Admiral Cleaners, you can have your laundry cleaned, neatly folded, and delivered right to your door. We remain the top choice of many busy professionals and families who wish to free up their time for more important things. Among the reasons we remain highly trusted include:

We employ safe cleaning practices and only use gentle hypo-allergenic detergents and fabric softener to ensure your clothes’ fabrics won’t fade or discolor. 

Our reusable bags are big enough to hold 1-2 loads of laundry. We’ll clean whatever washable everyday items you can fit into your bag.

Who Loves Our Wash & Fold Service:

  • Busy households – the average household spends 2-3 hours/week doing laundry.
  • Busy professionals – time is money and your time is better spent focused on business.
  • Seniors – laundry may be a safety issue due to stairs, recovery from illness or surgery.
  • Vacation rental owners – no more worry about the towels and linens.
  • People who are tired of the hassle and inconvenience of doing laundry.

Spend your time doing what you find meaningful and leave the chores to us!

How Can We Help You?

Don’t burden yourself too much with doing laundry. When laundry becomes unbearable for you, know that Admiral Cleaners will get it done for you, promptly, professionally, and affordably. 

Call us today at (410) 267-8381 or email us at customerservice@admiralcleaners.com for all your inquiries. To sign up click here.


Admiral is the absolute best. I’ve been using them for years. So convenient, exceptional work, great customer service and super fair pricing. Highly recommend!!!


Bobby J.


“We have been with Admiral Cleaners on permanent basis for 2 years now for laundry service. They were our preferred cleaners for several years due to qualify work. They been outstanding as a laundry to include their door service for pickup and delivery. No issues during the 2 years. We had a illness in our family and self laundry was not an option. We intend to stay with them forever as it is a big help for us. We recomment them to family and friends. Good people and excellent service are appreciated!" 

Glenn P.


"The entire Admiral team has been a pleasure to do business with. The time savings from this has helped immeasurably."

Chris G.

Frequently Asked Questions about our laundry service

Do I have to sort my lights and darks?

No, Admiral Cleaners will sort your items for you.

What should I do if I have an item with a stain?

We can help. Just safety pin a note to the bag, and we’ll pre-treat the item before it’s washed.

Do you wash my items with other people’s clothes?

No, Admiral Cleaners always washes each customer’s loads separately.

What items can go in my wash & fold bag?

Towels, wash clothes, throw blankets, sheets, pillow cases, sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, underwear, bras, socks.

Do I need to bring mesh laundry bags?

No, Admiral Cleaners has you covered. We have mesh laundry bags that we’ll use as needed to protect your items from anything with a velcro opening, hook-and-eye clasp fasteners, or any other types of closures that might harm the other things in your load.

Is there anything you won’t wash?

Use your best judgment. As a rule of thumb, if it’s an item you usually dryclean or hand wash at home, then it’s not going to be a good fit for our wash & fold laundry service. You can put that item in your orange, teal or blue route bag, and we will clean it accordingly.

How is shirt laundry different from this laun

“Shirt laundry” refers specifically to men’s and women’s cotton (or cotton blend) collared, button-down-front, button-cuff shirts, like those you wear alone or with a suit, or maybe with a tie.
Professionally processed shirt laundry does not go into a clothes dryer, so it should always be turned in with drycleaning and not Wash & Fold laundry.
For nicer shirts that need pressing and other items that require special care, you’ll get the best results with our shirt laundry or drycleaning service.

What kind of detergent and fabric softeners do you use?

Admiral Cleaners uses the best available hypoallergenic products.

What if I need to wash a brand new item that might bleed?

Admiral Cleaners always sorts and washes loads by color. If you have concerns about a particular item, we recommend washing it by itself at home before sending it to us.

Do you follow cleaning instructions on manufacturer tags?

Yes, we always following cleaning instructions. If you’d like to clean an item with our wash & fold laundry service that has a label indicating it should be drycleaned or hand washed, you can sign a waiver.

What if I only have one thing to get washed?

We’ll wash whatever you put in your bag. If you just have one item, though, it might be more economical to use our drycleaning service.

Will you hand wash delicate items?

While we do wash a wide range of items as part of our wash & fold laundry service, it really is meant for cleaning everyday items.

What if all my stuff won’t fit in my laundry bag?

No problem. We’ll get you another laundry bag. Please note that your bag must be able to be cinched to prevent items from falling out.

What happens if everything doesn’t fit back into my laundry bag once the items are washed and folded?

We’ll put any remaining items that don’t fit into another laundry bag so that nothing gets overly wrinkled.

What if I want something pressed after it’s washed?

Admiral Cleaners’ wash & fold laundry service is meant for general laundry so we do not return items on hangers.

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