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June 11, 2024

Will a dry cleaning service ruin your clothes? It’s a question you may have thought about numerous times, especially when considering the potential risks involved. Noticeable chemical residue and harsh smelling odor, missing or cracked buttons, or even new stains. – these are just a few of the horrors that can happen to your valued garments during a dry cleaning process.

In light of these risks, you have every reason to be concerned, since not all local dry cleaners are comparable with respect to their experience, area of expertise, and equipment used – all of which are crucial to getting the result you want. However, when you choose Admiral Cleaners in Annapolis, Maryland, you can put your worries to rest because we tick all the boxes of what qualities a reputable dry cleaner should have.

Get ready to find out how Admiral Cleaners consistently delivers the quality and professionalism you’ve been searching for in a dry cleaning service in Annapolis, MD.

The Rich History of Admiral Cleaners

Our Humble Beginnings

In 1932, our grandfather opened his dry cleaning business in the heart of Silver Spring, MD, which was then a growing community. He picked up and delivered orders directly from his clients’ homes as was customary in those days.

We relocated our corporate headquarters in 1972 to Taylor Avenue in Annapolis. While we have a proud tradition of dry cleaning rooted in our family, as a company we have always strived to innovate and adapt to technological advancements to improve the experience of our clients and to simplify dry cleaning for them.

With over 90 years of experience providing superior dry cleaning quality and exceptional client service, Admiral Cleaners continues to provide the finest for our clients. Today, we are carrying on this tradition by making use of the latest technologies and innovations available to us.

The Admiral Cleaners Today

As a long-established third-generation family business, our goal is to keep up with the pace of modern life and to meet the ever-growing needs of our valued clients in various towns and cities across Maryland.

We service Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore with 4 stores and 3 free delivery routes. We also have a drive-thru service along with Admiral Club Express services for your convenience.

Our experience is another advantage we have over our competitors. Besides being a third-generation drycleaning specialist, our district manager has over 40 years of industry experience, and our team members are highly trained to provide you with exceptional service.

Why Admiral Cleaners Stands Out in Annapolis

The state of Maryland has quite a few dry cleaners operating in different counties, and the same will likely be true for Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore. So your next question will likely be: Can I trust Admiral Cleaners?

If it’s your first time hearing about us and our services, then allow us to help you understand why we’ve gained repeat clients over the years and what makes them continue to patronize our services.

We are recipients of various awards and recognitions

We are a proud recipient of the 2018 Maryland Family Owned Small Business of the Year. We also received the Annapolis City Legacy Business Award Certificate of Achievement in 2013 and the Governor’s Volunteer Service Award in 2010. These awards are a recognition of the dedication we put into our daily operations.

In 2024, Admiral Cleaners was voted the Best Dry Cleaner in Annapolis by What’s Up Magazine and Best Dry Cleaner in Severna Park by Severna Park Voice.

Unmatched experience in providing high-quality garment care

Dry cleaning itself is a rather complex process that requires both technical knowledge and practical skill, so experience really matters. In this aspect, Admiral Cleaners boasts over 90 years of repeating this process and refining our techniques to be able to deliver superior results to every discerning client we proudly serve throughout Annapolis and the surrounding areas.

We’re not simply ‘capable dry cleaners’ – we are experts in all aspects of garment care, whether that’s dry cleaning specialty fabrics, washing and folding everyday clothes, restoring leathers and suedes, preserving wedding gowns, and many more – all at a price you will love.

We stay true to our commitment to embracing environmentally friendly practices

At Admiral Cleaners, we are honored to be a part of the Maryland Green Registry, a membership that speaks so much about one of the values we deeply hold – environmental stewardship. As such, we make sure to do our part in protecting our environment. We have adopted environmentally friendly practices such as using eco-friendly cleaning products, oxo-biodegradable garment bags, recyclable hangers, and recycled paper whenever possible.

We also make recycling easy for you. Simply return your plastic garment bags and hangers to one of our locations, and we will process them responsibly.

We deliver outstanding client service to each and every client

Another hallmark trait we’re known for here at Admiral Cleaners is the courtesy we extend to all our clients. We treat everyone with respect and a positive attitude, going the extra mile to understand our clients’ specific needs and concerns.

Comprehensive Services We Offer At Admiral Cleaners

As a full-service dry cleaner in Annapolis, MD, Admiral Cleaners offers all core services you need to keep your wardrobe well-maintained. Here’s a closer look of each service we offer:

1. Dry Cleaning

Admiral Cleaners provides superior dry-cleaning services to families, busy professionals, and business owners in Annapolis, MD. This service is perfect for delicate fabrics like silk, wool, satin,

2. Wash and Fold Laundry

Don’t burden yourself too much with doing laundry – use our wash and fold laundry service instead. Our reusable bags are big enough to hold 1-2 loads of laundry. We’ll clean whatever washable everyday clothing you can fit into your bag (such as undergarments, t-shirts, sheets, towels, etc.)

3. Expert Alterations

We have a skilled seamstress who can take on any clothing alteration request you may have. Anything from shortening your jacket sleeves to cutting long hemming pants or fixing buttons and zippers, our team can handle them.

4. Leather & Suede Cleaning

Despite being a durable material, leather is in fact skin, making it a delicate material still. It can dry, crack, stain, warp, etc. As a leather owner, you can do something to prevent them – call Admiral Cleaners! Our experts can remove stains, watermarks, and dirt from your items and restore them to their original quality.

5. Bedding & Comforter Cleaning

Have your blankets, linens, sheets, and comforters professionally cleaned here at Admiral Cleaners! As one of the best dry cleaners in Annapolis, we can deep clean these items, while ensuring they don’t shrink or get damaged in the process.

6. Area Rug Cleaning

Don’t neglect the timely care of your area rugs. Contact us and we’ll come to your home to pick them up. Whether it’s wool, oriental, or Persian rug you want to get cleaned, they’re in the best hands with us here at Admiral Cleaners.

7. Wedding Dress Preservation

Have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved by our professional dry cleaners at Admiral Cleaners. We use only the safest cleaning and preservation process for stain removal and to prevent yellowing. After your dress has been thoroughly cleaned, it will be layered with acid-free tissue paper and specially packed into a specialized wedding dress preservation box.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time – Try Our Free Pickup and Delivery Service!

When work is overwhelming or you’re juggling chores at home, running out to drop off your cleaning is just not feasible. But with Admiral Cleaners, you can forget about this hassle. With our pickup and delivery service, we are making it simple for you to keep your wardrobe tidy and fresh without affecting your routine in any way.

How to Get Started

Our free laundry and dry cleaning delivery through our twice-weekly route service. To get started, sign up for our FREE Pick-Up & Delivery service. We’ll come right to your door, pick up your clothes, and bring them back. And best of all, you don’t even need to be home! Our routes and drivers are bonded and insured.

Interested in Any of Admiral Cleaners’ Services?

If you’re ready to experience the superior dry cleaning services offered by Admiral Cleaners, here’s how you can get in touch:


Phone: (410) 593-3708


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